Meeting 8/21/2010

We had a officer meeting on August 21st 2010. The following is what we discussed:   Discussed: ·        Chase – Pirate Radio and IEEE table ·        Figure out shifts for IEEE club fair ·        Time for real meeting ·        Ask Linda about putting mins. online ·        Ask Russel what to do 1st Sem. ·        Concept for shirts competition ·        Make committees ·        Month […]

Meeting 8/27/2009

IEEE Meeting Minutes 08/27/09 3:00PM This meeting discusses our plans for this semester. As we all know, there will be a new President this school year. We will discuss ideas for the inauguration. I.    Events for this semester: a)    Dean Welch’s Proposed IPhone/IPOD Seminar 1.    Will be used as a tech seminar b)    SGA […]

Meeting 8/6/2009

IEEE Promotional Video Next week, IEEE will be shooting a promotional video to be shown to new students. A short 3 page script has been penned by Patrick Louie. The video will require 6 students, 2 professors, and Paul Babin may be asked to contribute. The first and last parts of the video are sketch-style […]

Meeting 7/8/2009

2009-06-12 06:00:00 IEEE Meeting Minutes 07/08/09 12:30 This meeting discusses ideas for Pirate Radio, the budget needed, music playing license, promotions, equipment, the process of setting up, and club fairs. 1.    Pirate Radio: a)    Non engineering students participating in 1.    English majors-DJs 2.    Business Majors- Advertising b)    Need to create budget in order to fundraise […]

Meeting 6/11/2009

IEEE Meeting Minutes 06/11/09 12:30 IEEE officers lunch at Barksdales Promotional Video: Committee: Patrick, Russel, Binh and Boris a) Created to promote IEEE membership as well as Elec. Engineering program at CBU. 1. Requirements:     a) Testimonies of students and professors (schedule times)     b) Audio/Visual equipment easiest to obtain during summer.     c) Professor […]

Meeting 4/30/2009

IEEE Meeting 04/29/2009  5:30 Binh: introductions and welcoming statements. Summer: Potential promotional video for the summer.     a) Touring campus and robotics lab. I. Medtronic tour through private museum hosted by Univ of Memphis a)    Sign up with Russel ahead of time. II. S-PAC- Russel Sponsorship committee must be gathered before September to contact companies […]