Meeting 6/11/2009

IEEE Meeting Minutes

IEEE officers lunch at Barksdales

Promotional Video:
Committee: Patrick, Russel, Binh and Boris
a) Created to promote IEEE membership as well as Elec. Engineering program at CBU.

1. Requirements:
    a) Testimonies of students and professors (schedule times)
    b) Audio/Visual equipment easiest to obtain during summer.
    c) Professor assistance
    d) Upload to website or other venue.

Club Fair Booth:
No committee yet assigned
a)    Generally not extremely productive; will attend to participate and help other student groups.
b)    Could obtain and display robots, and have a member playing music (Russel or Tony)

Radio Station “Pirate Radio”
Committee: Russel
Tracie Burke suggested reviving Pirate Radio (Internet station) wherein IEEE
could be the main sponsor.

1. Requirements:
    a) IEEE must create a playlist to span length of air time
    b) Aquire music and or podcasts (such as George Mason Univ. “Digital Divide”
    c) Create schedule
2.  Potential live performances by students (Tony, Russel, and any others)
3. Set up speakers across campus to play the station in its infancy for promotional

Robotics Team:
No committee yet assigned (Russel will keep everyone posted via email)
1. Requirements:
    a) Send email to ascertain interest including sample proposal attachment
    b) Proposal due date not yet assigned
2. Inspiring interest:
a) Decided to hold a workshop or give class demonstration of Robotics Team   
duties etc in order to prepare young, potential team members prior to   
knowledgeable current member graduation.
1.    Include Cloud Computing  (Try to involve Dr. Baker who has special IPHONE App talents)
2.    Line Follower Robot (drum up interest)
3.    Remove Pro-E from freshman Curriculum to be replaced with Auto Cad class (will not affect number of hours).

-Russel and Dr. Ventura will be meeting with Boris to discuss Joomla/website.
    a) Will inform group late as to organization of payment system, registration,
    and Pay Pal options for S-PAC