Meeting 7/8/2009

2009-06-12 06:00:00

IEEE Meeting Minutes

This meeting discusses ideas for Pirate Radio, the budget needed, music playing license, promotions, equipment, the process of setting up, and club fairs.

1.    Pirate Radio:
a)    Non engineering students participating in
1.    English majors-DJs
2.    Business Majors- Advertising

b)    Need to create budget in order to fundraise
1.    $50.00 paid for memory
c)    Someone needs to speak to Kenny Latta regarding SGA approval
d)    Positions required for Pirate Radio
1.    Russel – Director
2.    To decide other positions will require recruitment (club fair?)

e)     Content
1.    Music playing license
2.    Panel Discussions
3.    Add survey to find out likes/dislikes
f)    Equipment:
1.    New memory in IEEE office computer
2.    requiremic and headset
3.    Ask Dr. Burke if there is any left over equipment
g)    Completion date: Aug 17th

h)    Need to find out how to broadcast from other locations
i) Choose Pirate Radio jingle

2.  Promotional videos for website improvement:
    a) Clips:
        1. What is IEEE
        2. What is IEEE student branch
        3.  Student and professor interviews regarding EE and ECE
        4. Tour of labs
        5. Setting up Pirate Radio
    b) Youtube Robot video on website
    c) video will be filmed in August to include Binh.
    d) Discuss receiving equipment from Dr. Olabe.
    e) Camtasia used for recording what is happening on the screen and         
recording audio.

3. Battle Bots
    a. Will probably be used only for ECE 101 Class rather than the club fair.
4. Club Fair
    a) Will most likely present the hand robot.
    b) Potentially will present Pirate Radio.
4. Misc.
    a) Should incorporate synthesizers into any musical IEEE performances.

NEXT MEETING: Aug 7th       2:30 PM
To be completed:
-Pirate radio
-Promo Video