Meeting 10/3/2013

—— SPAC Meeting Oct. 3 2013 ——   Looking to get one panel speaker for all four engineering disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical) Asking that all engineering groups donate money to SPACE for their members to attend

Meeting 9/19/2013

—— SPAC Meeting Sept. 19 2013 ——   Round tables will be used for SPAC 2 PDH (Professional Development Hours) will be supplied to professionals who attend SPAC Working with ASME to get them involved in SPAC as well as getting mechanical engineering panel member and speaker We are going to add the speakers to […]

Meeting 9/12/2013

—— Meeting Step. 12 2013 —— About IEEE Introduction of officers Chair – Shilpa Appurubugatha Vice Chair – Sean Dantis Secretary  – Nick McKee Treasurer – Jonas Broughman Slideshow on history of IEEE Discussion on current status of CBU branch Discussion on how new members can join and how old member can register Introduction of […]

Meeting 8/28/2013

—— Officers Meeting Aug. 28 2013 ——   Sign-In sheet needs to be made for meeting on Sept. 12 containing  spaces for 899, Name, Phone, Email, and Year Need to make sign-up sheet for Website Committee, Month of Zen, and IEEExtreme 6.0.   Thing To Discuss at Step. 12 Meeting SPAC SouthEast Con Leadership Conference […]

Meeting 7/11/2013

—— SPAC Meeting July 11 2013 ——   Invoices for SPAC need to be sent to Renee Time slot for SPAC will be from 4PM to 8PM Topics for SPAC will be "The Art of Communication" and "The Practice of Innovation" Catering will be done by the Kroc Center (buffet style) A 10 minute intermission […]

Meeting 6/27/2013

—— SPAC Meeting June 27 2013 ——   SPAC will be on Nov 9th Planning on ending around 9:00PM   Updated List of Responsibility Website – Patrick and (Pending UofM volunteer) Poster – Shilpa Program – Shilpa Venue – Shilpa Speaker – Nick and Mark Theme – Nick and Mark Sponsorship – Sean and (Pending […]

Meeting 6/13/2013

—— SPAC Meeting June 13 2013 ——   Professionals would like SPAC to be around 3:00PM 3PM seems a big early so we are going to push for around 4:00PM or 5:00PM Considering removing speaker section from sponsorship packet, as it may be unnecessary Date and venue need to be nailed down by next two […]

Meeting 5/19/2013

—— SPAC Meeting May 19 2013 ——   Consider having professionals send out sponsorship letters as there would likely be a bigger response to their letters. We will have a single person in charge of finding speakers and panel positions (Maybe Mark?) Sean will be head of sponsorship Date for SPAC will either be Nov […]

Meeting 10/11/10

The following is what we discussed at the Officer Meeting on 10:11:10   Extreme Programming-                 Practice during fall break                 Dr. Ventura  will provide comps (3)                 Only registered 1 team                 Need Nolan room (234)                 Will try to use laptops                 Buy Pizza+drinks IEEE meeting OCT 28 – 12:30PM                                 Month […]

Meeting 10/1/2010

The following is what we discussed at the IEEE chapter meeting on 10_01_10:       No. Topic Highlights 1 IEEExtreme programming Came out 135 2 Month of Zen What it is Need volunteers 3 Auction What day? Thursday the 18th of November 4 SPAC Friday Feb. 11 Need volunteers   5 Ole Miss Want […]