Meeting 8/21/2010

We had a officer meeting on August 21st 2010.

The following is what we discussed:



·        Chase – Pirate Radio and IEEE table

·        Figure out shifts for IEEE club fair

·        Time for real meeting

·        Ask Linda about putting mins. online

·        Ask Russel what to do 1st Sem.

·        Concept for shirts competition

·        Make committees

·        Month of Zen 1stsem.

·        Extreme Programming

First Semester:

·        SPAC

·        Tech. Seminar

·        Month of Zen

·        Month of Sensei

Who’s doing what:

·        Steven

o  Seminar

·        Shilpa

o  Christmas Party

·        Khai

o  Month of Zen

o  Month of Sensei

·         Linda & Steven


Committees for SEC:

·        Steven- Software

·        Shilpa-TShirt

·        Khai- Ethics

·        Linda-web

·        Hardware- ?



Things to discuss:

·        Month of Sensei?

·        Date for SPAC

·        Do we want SPAC in Gardens?

·        Tech Seminars

·        Month of Zen in fall

·        Christmas Party

·        Food for first meeting- chick-fil-a


Things to do:

·        2nd week Thursday  meeting@ 12:30

                        -put up signs

·        Hunt down EEs and ECEs

·        Write out Bios/send pics

·        Khai keep track of balance-talk to Dr. Ventura

·        Food for first meeting

·        Linda update IEEE website

·        Steven- get room  for first meeting