Meeting 8/6/2009

IEEE Promotional Video
Next week, IEEE will be shooting a promotional video to be shown to new students. A short 3 page script has been penned by Patrick Louie. The video will require 6 students, 2 professors, and Paul Babin may be asked to contribute. The first and last parts of the video are sketch-style and humorous, while the long, middle part will have features and benefits of joining IEEE. Brief interviews with students and professionals will be played over images of IEEE events, so if you have any pictures of the IEEE Christmas parties, or the Fish Fries, let us know. The Cast is tentatively:

Actor 1: Patrick Louie
Actors 2 and 3: Pool of Lindsay Hodges, Keith Wyrick, and Sarah Kelly, depending on who is available
“Jeff”: Jimmy Whitaker, or Tony Bownes (Alternate)
Narrator: Dr. Ventura, or anyone who can speak in an authoritative, booming voice.

Interviewed students: Russel Saliendra, Osborn de Lima, Tony Bownes, Patrick Louie, and Binh Ngyuen (Tenatively)
Interviewed professors: Drs. Olabe and Ventura.

The video will be shot next week (Tuesday through Friday) and Dr. Ventura and Tony have lended us the use of MiniDV cameras. Distance education equipment may also be borrowed if necessary.

Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio will return this year, supported by IEEE. A preliminary schedule has been penned by Russel Saliendra, having 7 hours of music and 2 hours of original content Monday-Thursday, and 4 hours of music Friday. Original Content will be similar to a Podcast, and may be available for download, following the broadcast. Music will be pre-programmed with different Genres at different hours, but a playlist will be replaced by DJs for each hour as they become available. Genres include: Classics, Current Hits, Hip Hop/ R&B, Rock, 80s and 90s, Techno, “Chill”. Original content will be 1-hour pre-recorded content with the following programs:

Student Life: Mon, 1PM: Ebony Bowie, or someone else from student life will be talking about on-campus events and making announcements.
Movie Review: Mon, 6PM: Self-Explanatory
Tech Review: Tue, 1PM: Various tech enthusiasts from CBU and the surrounding area will be talking about recent product they bought that they’d like to talk about, and the week in technology will be covered
CD Review: Tue, 6: Self-Explanatory
CBU music: Wed, 1: Artists with students at CBU will play a set.
Live music: Wed, 6 : Live musicians may come to showcase their talent.
Greek: Thu, 1 : A representative from a fraternity will be on to make announcements or otherwise talk about greek life.
Memphis Music: Thu, 6 : The station will play music born in Memphis or outlying areas, from classics like Elvis Presley and B.B. King, to newer, current artists.
Currently, Dr. Ventura is working out licensing contracts, but claims we’ve been paying for BMI, so we should be clear to broadcast most any artist. We are also going to be ordering some audio equipment, like microphones, headphones, and broadcasting software. The control center will likely be either the IEEE room, or a room in the business office.

Dr. Ventura is reorganizing awards and plaques outside his office. He is disposing of awards older than 10 years, and has compressed the large banners in Nolan to entries on a ledger sheet. A list has also been updating, detailing all the awards won in the past, with new entries in red. In the back hallway to his office, he has a display cabinet. He wishes to fill it up with awards, trophies, pictures of projects, small robots, etc. If you have anything you’d like to submit, contact Dr. Ventura, and remember that the cabinet is only a few inches deep.
Apparently, the site has a different format when viewed IE8, as opposed to Mozilla Firefox. Russel Saliendra is looking into this issue.

Dr. Ventura mentioned that comprehensive records on IEEE 2008-2009, SPAC, as well as a guide to IEEE procedures for 2006 Region 3 chapters is in the IEEE room.
Patrick Louie also has been charged with creating a budget for IEEE this year, and our funding from CBU has come in.

Club Fair
IEEE will have two booths at the Club Fair on move-on weekend: IEEE and Pirate Radio. We need participants to help man the booths. Tony will be in charge of membership. He will take down information on students interesting in joining IEEE and email them the membership link later, or should a student decide to join right then and there, he will take them inside to help them join. We were also considering putting small robots out for display.

The next officer’s meeting will be the 1st Thursday of the school year, August 27th, at 1:00PM in the IEEE room.