Students, Faculty and Staff:

This year the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE – CBU Chapter) will be conducting a series of technology related seminars aimed at introducing the latest technology and trends used in today world. Each seminar will be presented at an introductory level to enable audience understandability. Therefore, we strongly urge you to make use of this opportunity to learn more about the technology that could change your life.
For our first seminar, we will be highlighting the development in the telecommunication industry and rise of internet telephony in day-to-day communication. The title of this seminar is “The Telecom Revolution: Creating your own Vonage” and our speaker will be Boris de Souza, Senior ECE Major at CBU. The seminar will be on Tuesday, September 9th at12:15 PM in Nolan Engineering 241. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Best Always,
John Ventura, PhD.
IEEE Student Advisor

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