S-PAC ’09 Planning Committee

 Hello all,
This past Tuesday, November 25, IEEE@CBU had our first S-PAC conjunction meeting along with students from Arkansas State University and Union University via Skype. Facilitating this meeting was the 2009 S-PAC Chair, Boris de Souza. Students from Union University and Arkansas State University were very excited to help plan the 2nd annual Student-Professional Awareness Conference. S-PAC 2009 Coordinators assigned from the meeting are as follows:
• IEEE Memphis Section Advisors: Susan Ronning and Puesh Kumar
• CBU Student Chapter Advisor: Dr. John Ventura
• Sponsorship Coordinator: Susan Ronning and Kyle Swafford
• Registration & Web Development – Boris de Souza and Binh Nguyen
• Finance Coordinator – Russel Saliendra
• Publicity Coordinator – Cole Kent and Heath Duncan
• Facilities Coordinator – Puesh Kumar and Amanda Taylor
• Student Résumé Coordinator – Osborn de Lima
• Speakers and Topics Coordinator – Harshit Shroff

Congratulations to the newly elected members for the S-PAC Planning Committee.
Please check our S-PAC Google Group, S-PAC 2009, for the meeting minutes.
Also, our next S-PAC Planning Meeting will be held on Dec 4, 2008 @ 5PM. A Skype video conferencing will be set up for those who are unable to attend. Please add the Skype ID: spac.2009 to your list to join the conference.