Meeting 7/7/2018

—— IEEE Meeting July 7th 2018 ——


date: 7/7/2018 time: 11:30 am location: N235

Important Dates

 Lego Robots:  Saturday September 15, Nolan 237 241 8 am to 1pm 

            Saturday October 20, Nolan 237 341 8 am to 1pm

            People needed for sign up booth and to take pictures

Big scoop: Aug 2 4pm -5pm arrive at 3:30 at Canale gym

IEEE day: October 2 or September 29 (Tuesday)

                  Wants t-shirts for it


                    Event contests

                    Do something weekend before if they want to come

                    Alumni: bonfire, ask Elizabeth to use backyard, wings or crawfish (Ian is in charge if crawfish)

                    Alcohol for those of age

Meet and Greet: August 23 Thursday 4pm

                              Get pizza

Bowling: Saturday August 25th 6 or 7 pm to be decided at the Meet and Greet

                   First 5-7 get in for free

IEEExtreme: October 20 7pm

                        Headbands/ Tshirts

EC meetings: August 23 after meet and greet meeting

                         Following meetings will be decided at meeting

SPAC: November 16 4pm-8:30pm at Immaculate Conception

           Gender and Racial Diversity in Engineering panel (Rene, Ian Borb, Ben Amabo, McDonalds Lady, ask Hola CBU for last one, Maverick, Juan Carlos, Amazon, IEEE mail to order speakers)

           Dinner Served at ??

           Voice Technology Panel maybe

           Drones -> certificate and qualifications

           Zoning (Memphis department of zoning, holiday inn award ceremony)


           Environmental awareness


Brainstorming stuff:

                                    Team up with other groups for game nights

                                       Ask Robin about game night with CBU best

                                       Mini hackathon (proto IEEE extreme)

                                       Workshops: Robotics Basics, C++ intro, 3d printing, and circuits intro

                                       GDRP compliant for the website: get signatures, levels of security, and may have to switch to WordPress

                                       If we have money get a banner