Meeting 1/25/2018

—— IEEE Meeting January 25th 2018 ——

  • SoutheastCon 2018 Meeting


date: 1/25/2018 time: 1:00pm location: N235

Roll Call: Ben Holt Kevin Gonzalez Lucas Sutton Abin Joshy Lane Tuttle Adam Crawford Connor Meeks

Details about SoutheastCon: location: St. Petersburg, Florida date: 19 Apr – 22 Apr plane ticket: around $190 (reimbursed by school) – Allegiant Airlines alternative: drive to Florida (reimbursed by school about $0.50 per mile)

Competition Interest: Robotics: Adam Crawford, Abin Joshy, Ian, Tanish T-shirt: Ben Holt, Kevin Gonzalez, Lucas Sutton Ethics: Lucas Sutton, Elizabeth Hayes Software: Ben Holt(prefer software over Tshirt), Kevin Gonzalez Paper: (senior project paper selected by the school of Engineering in early February)

Other Seniors going to SoutheastCon Elizabeth Hayes Kate Bollinger Cody Black